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Holistic Approach to AI Ethics

Théme de formation : Holistic Approach to AI Ethics

Introduction : Holistic Approach to AI Ethics.

Langue de la formation : Anglais

La date de début la formation : 07-12-2023

Frais de la formation : 3 990,00 MAD

Holistic Approach to AI Ethics


    • In-depth Understanding of Core Concepts

    • Improved Stakeholder Engagement

    • Competitive Advantage

    • Ethical Decision Making

    • Ethical AI Practices

    • Risk Mitigation

    • Compliance and Regulation

    • Transparent and Explainable AI

  • • AI Ethicist

    • AI Policy Advisor

    • AI Compliance Officer

    • AI Consultant

    • AI Researcher

    • AI Strategy and Governance Specialist

    • Data Privacy and Ethics Officer

    • Social Impact Analyst

  • • Concepts of AI

    • Algorithmic Bias and Fairness

    • Explainability and Interpretability

    • Transparency and Accountability

    • Ethical Data Governance

    • AI Regulation and Policy

    • Security and Privacy

    • Regulatory Compliance

    • Ethical Leadership and AI Strategy

    • Real-World Case Studies

    • Guest Lectures

    • Assessment and Feedback

  • • Auditors/ Risk and Compliance Officers

    • Researchers and Academics

    • AI Enthusiasts and Activists

    • Data Scientist and AI Researchers

    • Policy Analyst and Law Makers

    • Business and Technology Leaders

  • • Online

    • Live interactive sessions + Recorded Sessions

    • Learn from Global Experts

    • Networking Opportunities

  • • 12- weeks program with classes held weekly Life-time access to the course

  • • What is AI and Data Science

    • Data Science Lifecycle

    • Applications of AI

  • • Understanding Data

    • Supervised Learning

    • Unsupervised Learning

  • • Deep Learning and Neural Network Concepts

    • Reinforcement Learning Concepts

  • • Why AI Ethics is important?

    • Overview of Ethical Principles in AI

    • Sources of Harm in AI

    • Transparency in AI

    • Accountability

    • Responsibility in AI

    • Understanding and Protecting Privacy in the age of AI

  • • How can we protect user data in AI applications?

    • What are the key principles of data protection in AI?

    • What is the role of informed consent in data privacy?

    • How should organizations handle personal data in AI projects?

    • What are the implications of GDPR and other data privacy regulations on AI?

    • How can we ensure data anonymization and deidentification in AI systems?

    • ◦ What are the risks of data breaches in AI applications?

    • What are the potential consequences of using low-quality data in AI?

Rupa Singh

Founder and CEO of ‘The AI Bodhi’ and ‘AI-Beehive’, AI Ethicist, Author of the Book 'AI Ethics with Buddhist Perspective', Top 20 Global AI Ethics Leader, Advisory Board of The FAIR - Festival of AI and Robotics and Advisory Board of Dakhla International Education Forum, Expert member of Scientific Association of AI Ethics Community,

Key Note Speaker, Machine Learning and Generative AI specialist, A Thought Leader, Design Thinker, a Writer, and an Artist.

I am on the mission to empower 100,000+ people build AI for Human Dignity. I want to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of AI, ensuring that technology serves as a force for good.